Hey folks! I'm Allen. I may not look it, but I'm 48 years young. I ran many many races for many years till my body could no longer take the abuse. All the sweat kept my skin young. I have a chronic illness called gastroparesis that makes it very hard for me to eat many things and causes a lot of pain. I have an unprovable theory that my condition started from pollution I encountered far, far away from Philly. I'm doing what I can to protect others in my weird kind of nature preservation way :-) Thanks... [more]

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    Glendinning Rock Garden Love Your Park

    It was a little disappointing, but with volunteer work these things tend to be loose. Pretty much all the volunteers arrived and there was no host. One of the volunteers, who I liked the most, said we should give the host ten minutes. About ten minutes later he came bicycling down Brewery Hill Drive with a iced coffee in a plastic cup in his hand. I couldn't help but think he showed up late buying that coffee. I wound up following a women who went on a side quest to remove invasive plants. Three volunteers walked all the way back to the Lemon Hill Mansion confused. Apparently the tools were in the Lemon HIll mansion area, but she did not know the passcode.

    I left the two other volunteers explaining my electric kick scooter was at the park alone and I did not feel comfortable being so far away from it. I picked up litter as I worked my way back to Glendinning Rock Garden. Here I got my zen on. I love this little park. There was plenty of trash to be had. The birds were singing. I heard a number of frogs and got to see some hop. I got some pictures too. I found a broken car window, and some broken drums. They were the "highlights" of my litter lessening. Litter removed, nature improved. I stayed till the end, but I never saw the host again. I put all the scattered tools back near his bicycle I could. I was one of the few still standing near the end. Hopefully they were off doing something helpful to such a beautiful areas.

    I had a good time despite the chaos. However, it this was my first experience with Love Your Park, I probably wouldn't ever sign up again.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 05/18/2024
    Stinger Square - Love Your Park 2024 Signature Site

    I had a great time. I got to see John Sugmund, Ef, Joe, and i met your grant writer Rebecca. Some local was blasting a rap song class wars at the edge of the park where I was working. I couldn’t help but feel a little like I was the evil gentrification bringer. The DJ was great and the weather was excellent. I pickef up loads of garbage :-)

    Gave 4.00 hours on 05/11/2024 with Natural Lands Volunteer Leaders, Love Your Park
    Wynnefield Weekly Volunteer Workday

    Today I got a little lost again finding the new volunteer location. Ed asked the few volunteers that came today to go to help out at the Horticultural Shed. I went to the shed and the volunteers there told me I missed the 5pm rush. It was pretty quiet. I was not feeling great, so I grabbed a garbo grabber and made up a carry around litter collecting bin. I cleaned up the whole parking lot and around the shed. There were a lot of littered masks, so I guess it hadn't been cleaned in awhile.

    I asked Ed if I could leave early to work on a personal project. Somebody splattered a glass liquor bottle near the Fairmount Waterworks under the MLK bridge by the top of a hill. it was sprawled all over for at least three days. I went home, got my dustpan and brush, then came back and cleaned it all up. I got three kind thank you's and one and a half $@#k you's (mentally ill people I suspect). Lastly, I moved a 10 to15 pound large orange road construction sign that was thrown over a JFK Blvd ramp railing into the handicapped/biker ramp path. I did my part for Philly today... I love my parks and I am trail steward if I say so myself.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 05/11/2023 with Natural Lands Volunteer Leaders, Love Your Park
    Wynnefield Weekly Volunteer Workday

    There were only a few of us today. Yeah, the weather was on the chilly side and mostly cloudy. Attendees included the Arcadia Women's Ice-Skating Team and a new resident recently moved from California. Mr. Howie came and cheered everyone up. This nature area seems up and coming. Week 1 was weeding and litter cleanup, but I am hoping we start recovering the lost trail.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 05/04/2023 with Natural Lands Volunteer Leaders
    Steps to the Mann - Weekly Volunteer Workday

    It was an unseasonably for April colder weather. Yeah, a whooping 59 degrees and mostly cloudy. Brrrrr! It felt cold. Nevertheless, I was not alone feeling this way because only four volunteers came out for the event. My favorite moment was when a woman was dropped off from a car by our steps thinking it was an entrance to the Mann Music Center. In my opinion, it should be restored to one of them. She asked me after walking to the top how she could get in. Eduardo had to deliver the full bad news at the bottom. Walking up the hill to the proper entrance was not a good idea due to speeding driver traffic going up the nearby hill to the Mann entrance. With only four of us there, I felt more extraverted and started socializing a little more with the volunteers. All four of us volunteers were pretty worldly, and it was great and interesting hearing some of Eduardo's backstory. That's one reason I volunteer - hoping to meet interesting people once in awhile. I won't be close to any of these people, but the stories they shared makes me feel prouder I came out to today's event, feeling like I'm around different, but like-minded people.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 04/27/2023 with Natural Lands Volunteer Leaders
    Steps to the Mann - Weekly Volunteer Workday

    I have a upper respiratory infection, but I still came out last minute decision Ironically, I felt more strength sawing down the invasive mulberries than I did the last two weeks. I walked to the top of the steps, disappointed the beautiful steps lead to a barbed wire gate to the Mann at the top. I wish the city would make something nice here. Even a nice hiking trail would be lovely. These steps have a lot of potential for a good nature spot and adventure.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 04/13/2023 with Natural Lands Volunteer Leaders
    Steps to the Mann - Weekly Volunteer Workday

    It was an atypical hot weather at a hot time of day for an April volunteer session, but definitely a satisfying experience. It was easier for me the second time because I know what I am doing now. I met a couple volunteer leaders in training that were very nice. I spend a lot of time hand sawing young invasive mulberry trees. I got a nice blister forming on my thumb because I didn't stop myself. I got there early and talked to Edwardo a little about life, the universe, and everything. He gave me the first bump at the end. I talked more than I usually do at these volunteer events, so that's a good thing. I enjoyed saying TIMBER multiple times as I took down mulberry trees. I hope I am healthy and blister-free for next week's steps at the Mann session.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 04/13/2023 with Natural Lands Volunteer Leaders
    Steps to the Mann - Weekly Volunteer Workday

    I love seeing progress. We made a lot of it fast. I burned out after half an hour, but hung in there with the gang getting the job done. I'm hoping I will have the strength to help out again next Monday. Edward gave me a fist bump at the end. It made it all feel worth it.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 04/03/2023 with Natural Lands Volunteer Leaders
    Natural Lands Volunteer Leaders

    Every time I have entered my park in 2023 I see the same drug needles on the stairs on the way down to the river. I found a leaf and some dirty covid mask and safely took care of the hazards. I miss the pre-covid days when these needles were not littered so openly in my center city neighborhood. Litter removed - nature improved :-) I'm still active in our city cleaning up the most offensive litter. I cannot help it. It's ingrained in me :-)

    Gave 0.25 hour on 01/12/2023 with Love Your Park
    Natural Lands Volunteer Leaders

    I had my heart on getting back out there to a litter patch near the Fairmount Dam I have not cleaned up. I did it. I cleaned the grass by the dam itself and the area leading up to it. It looks great now for the time being. I wonder how long my beautification will last. Someone cleaned up some of the glass bottle that was lobbed at me last week. It's still hurts a little in my mind thinking about the experience. It looks like three or four more glass bottles were smashed there after the incident, but they were mostly gone today. I fine tuned some of the glass cleanup. Litter removed - park improved :-)

    Gave 1.00 hour on 10/20/2022 with Love Your Park