Philadelphia Parks Alliance




The Parks Alliance envisions clean, safe, and easily accessible public parks throughout the Greater Philadelphia region that inspire joy, promote health and wellness, drive community and economic development, and preserve open and green spaces.


We campaign for outstanding parks, recreation and open space to make Philadelphia a healthy, vibrant and sustainable city for all.


We believe in the power of parks, recreation and open space to build resilience in people, neighborhoods and the city as a whole.

  • Parks: impact of parks on health, neighborhood economic development

  • Recreation Centers: impact of sport on Adverse Childhood Experiences, centers of community, safe space

  • Open Space: climate change resiliency, urban farming

We believe parks, recreation and open spaces...

  • Only realize their potential if they are vigilantly defended from uses that are not in the public interest

  • Help people and communities heal from adverse childhood experiences and community trauma

  • Increase our resilience to climate change

  • Improvements should address the historical inequity in the building and operation of facilities and open space

  • Spending on maintenance and operations is essential to success

  • Staff and volunteers are often heroes who have a profound impact on individuals and neighborhoods

  • Support economic development and tourism

  • Help older adults and disabled people stay active and healthy

  • Are economic stabilizers for the community

Sustainable Development Goals
112 People | 64 Impacts | 129 Hours

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